sound/ film & corporate video.

I provide full range of sound services for narrative film projects and commercial video. I can supervise sound over the whole production chain: from location recording through post-production editing, sound design, music supervision and final mixdown. My post-production experience informs my recordings and vice versa! Below you can find a list of my location equipment and some of my previous credits


Sound Devices 633 6-channel mixer/recorder
Zoom F8 8-channel recorder
Zoom H5 4-channel recorder
Wendt X2 mixer/pre-amp
2 x Tentacle Sync Timecode boxes
Sennheiser MKH60 shotgun mic
Neumann KM185 condenser dialogue mic
3 x Lectrosonics wireless lavalier sets
1 x Sennheiser G3 wireless lavalier set
3 x Sanken COS-11D lavalier mics
2 x Sennheiser G3 IEM wireless director monitor (IFB/Comtek)
1 x Sennheiser G3 wireless camera feed (scratch track)
Rode Blimp with Dead Wombat wind protection for shotgun mics
2 x K-Tek boom pole with Rycote shock-mount
Alan Gordon Slate
Sony MDR-7506 headphones
2 x EV ELX112P speakers with stands for location playback
Cables, adaptors, tapes, rechargeable batteries and other paraphernalia

Additional equipment available upon request depending on your project's needs



location recording - film

"Clara's Ghost" by Bridey Elliott (narrative feature) - Sundance 2018 Selection
"Wild Nights with Emily" by Madeleine Olnek (narrative feature) - SXSW 2018 Selection
"The Ranger" by Jenn Wexler (narrative feature) - SXSW 2018 Selection
"Most Beautiful Island" by Ana Asensio (narrative feature) - SXSW 2017 Grand Jury Prize
"Like Me" by Robert Mockler (narrative feature) - SXSW 2017 Official Selection
"Redemption Blues" by Peter Stastny (documentary feature) - Austrian Documentary Award 2017 Nominee
"Tested" by Curtis Chin (documentary feature) - NY Doc Film Festival 2016 Selection
"Valedictorian" by Matthew Yeager (narrative feature) - Rotterdam Film Festival 2015
"Bad At Dancing" by Joanna Arnow (short) - Silver Bear Berlin Film Festival 2015, Hong Kong Film Festival
"Reflection" by Hazuki Aikawa (short) - Bershire International and Sao Paulo Film Festivals 2014
"Seclusion" by Vivian Tse (short)
"Mr. Clean" by Gabriel Wilson (short)
"Hey Yun" Season 2 by Hye Yun Park (web series)
"Fto7" by Ingrid Jungermann (web series)
"Giving Up" by Kris Lefcoe (series pilot) - New York TV Festival 2014
"Specials" by Georgina Richardson (series pilot)
"Morning Song" by Fan He (short)
"Nuclear Family" by BongKeun Kwon (short)
"Wax" by Darya Zhuk (short)


location recording - corporate

Niche Niche and other videos for Squarespace Squarespace
Inauguration Poems and other videos for TED Talks TED Series
Nobel Perspectives web documnetary for UBS Instant Waves Media
Tarte High Perfonce Naturals brand videoColor+Information
L'Oreal Year-End Gala 2014 videoColor+Information
Iris and Ink brand ambassador video Noka Productions
TSAM Boston 2014 financial convention Philippe Tremblay-Berberi
Lupita Nyong'o for Lancome Color+Information
NYU Gallatin admissions promo Noka Productions
Twin Danger EPK band promo Moonweasel Productions
Elli app Douglas Elliman real estate app promo Rain Media
New Brunswick Children's Specialized Hospital tour video Color+Information
Powerstrike Fitness content and promo Sinema Films
Spotify "Play What?" winning project of ITP competitionNYU ITP
"Fitzcarraldo" Brooklyn restaurant Kickstarter promo Darya Zhuk


post-production & sound-design

"Joy Ride" by Niav Conty sound design / post-production mixing - Brussels Film Festival 2017 Selection
"Our Perfect World" by HR Marianne sound design / post-production mixing - Best Sound Design prize at Madrid Film Festival 2017
"Outworld" by Niav Conty sound design / score / post-production mixing - New Media Film Festival 2015, Cityvisions Best Sound Design
"Casual Encounters" feature by Will McCord additional sound design / assistant post mixing - IFP/ Lincoln Center Emerging Visions
"Off & Away" by Nira Burstein post-production mixing / sound edit - Brooklyn Film Festival 2014
"Lady" by Luca Finotti for Vogue Italy sound design / post-production mixing
"Specials" by Georgina Richardson sound design / post-production mixing
"DeRailing" by Ben Martin recording / sound design / post mixing
"Morning Song" by Fan He recording / sound design / post mixing - winner of CUNY Asian-American Film Fest
"Wax" by Darya Zhuk recording / sound design / post mixing
"Fitzcarraldo" restaurant Kickstarter campaign video by Darya Zhuk recording / sound design / post mixing
"Half-Life" by Darya Zhuk sound design / post mixing - Palm Springs Beach Festival Selection
"Untitled" by Winslow Hinds score / sound design
"Everything Turns Everything Revolves" by Hans Richter score / sound design (with Felipe Quiroz)


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